The cheese we make most of at Killeen is a semi-hard cheese, made from pasteurised milk. We make this in a goat’s milk variety, and also from cows milk. The cheese is sold at two months of age. The goats cheese is available in plain, or fenugreek. The cows milk cheese comes in plain, cumin seed, basil and garlic, and italian herbs and olives.

Cheeses are around 5 kg.


Relatively new for us is the production of a raw milk goats cheddar. It is traditional in every way. Not only is it made with raw milk, but it is also cloth wrapped. This is a natural way of protecting the cheese, but it does let the natural yeasts and moulds influence the flavour.


The weight of our goat’s cheddar is about 4.2 kg.

All our cheeses are made with traditional rennet, as it ensures the best quality cheese. Vegetarian rennet can give the cheeses a bitter flavour.