The heart of Killeen Farmhouse Cheese is our goat farm. Without this, we would not have cheese. Haske started his goat farm in 1990. In 2004 we made the first cheese. First we only used some of our milk, nowadays we use all the milk of our 200 goats.

We have 50 acres of land around the farm. Here we grow all the fresh grass and silage that we feed to our goats. Haske mixes the meal, which is like muesli, for the goats himself so that we know exactly what they are eating.

On the farm we also have a few suckler cows (who eat the leftovers from the goats), horses (for fun), some hens (for eggs), ducks (for eggs and because they are cool), cats (to catch mice), and dogs (to keep an eye on the place).